Meet the Team

The Directors


Jude Parry


Sarah Parkhouse

BSc (Hons), PDTLLS, V1, DSL, RVN

Team Lead

Jo Dobb

Overseeing and supporting the tutor team across small animal and equine, level 2 and level 3. Ensuring the quality of teaching is consistent and ultimately improved, that all tutors are supported within their role and their skills are developed. The role also oversees student support, that any needs; academic, personal, or professional are recognised and the correct support is implemented to maintain learning progression.

Communication is key within this role, as team leader it is imperative that key people obtain key information whether it be organisational, apprentice or pastoral updates, or be it, conducting apprentice interviews and inductions. Employer engagement is also a central factor within this role. It is vital that employers have a point of contact to access support so they can effectively support their apprentice within the workplace.

Sam Gallagher

Programme Lead and Exams Officer

The role of the programme lead involves maintaining an up-to-date curriculum from the first day of training to the last. Responsibilities include the compilation of a 3 year timetable for all cohorts, updating syllabus changes under the instruction from the awarding body, and maintaining quality assurance for all assessment methods to include assignments, module exams and blended learning. Deadlines are devised for apprentices to follow to ensure they remain on programme and the programme lead monitor's individual progress in various areas to include attendance, CSL completion, off the job hours, blended learning, and examination results.

The examination officer works alongside the awarding body the deliver the theory and EPA examinations. The responsibilities include notifying the apprentice of exam dates and times, booking all exams, requesting examination access arrangements, and notification of results. The examination officer maintains exam security and the coordination of the whole examination process. The criteria for EPA entry are monitored to ensure all apprentices have reached Gateway within a timely manner.