Additional Learning Support & Wellbeing

We offer one to one support with friendly, experienced, specialist support officers. We tailor the support to your individual needs. Support sessions can take place at your Practice or at Bottle Green.

Learner support can Include any of the following dependent on your individual circumstances and requirements:

Academic Support

Academic/assignment writing techniques, note taking, referencing, planning, revising and exam techniques.

Dyslexia/ADHD Support

Understanding Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia and ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and looking at coping strategies for individual needs. This can include planning and organising techniques and improving short term memory.

For students who are not diagnosed, but are showing signs of Dyslexia, or other conditions, we will do a pre-assessment adult check list questionnaire. If the outcome gives an indication that you may be dyslexic, you will be put forward for to do an Exam Access Arrangement assessment with a professionally qualified Chartered and HCPC-Registered Psychologist.

If the condition is confirmed, reasonable adjustments will be made including extra support with assignments, extra time in exams and possible reader/reader pen.

Resources accessible to dyslexic students include filled in classroom notes, coloured paper, coloured overlays, Reading Rulers, Reader Pens, IT support such as Speech to Text and colour page change, Apps.

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Maths and English Upskilling Support

You will complete a Maths and English BKSB Initial Assessment and also a diagnostic if required, this is to highlight strengths and areas of support. Support can include improving grammar, punctuation and spelling for English and learning formulas to use when calculating drug doses and quantities for dispensing for Maths, depending on your individual needs. Resources include workbooks, on-line resources, Apps such as Grammarly.

STAFF:  L Smith / J Dobb / L Osborne

Wellbeing & Safeguarding

At Bottle Green we understand the importance of your mental health and wellbeing and the impact it can have on your learning.

We will help you understand the impact this can have and ensure that you get the support you need throughout their learning journey.

We offer information and support around awareness and management of mental health and wellbeing issues including, but is not limited to, anxiety, stress, feeling overwhelmed, low moods, fatigue, burnout and overthinking.


At Bottle Green we also offer supportive counselling though a qualified, professionally trained counsellor. The sessions are carried out in a confidential and safe environment to help with emotional and psychological issues that can affect your learning.

Counselling can include, but is not limited to, anxiety, stress, panic, social anxiety, sleeping problems, bereavement, relationships and feeling overwhelmed.

BGT Ltd is extremely proud of its Safeguarding and Wellbeing team and the caring and supportive environment we provide to all. We continually achieve high praise from our apprentices, practices and external auditors and we were thrilled to be able to add the expertise of Aron Kirk – Dip (Couns) MBACP (Reg) (CoP) to the BGT family, allowing us to add to our provision of an approachable and bespoke support network.  Our main concern is the welfare of all those that attend BGT, and our excellent Safeguarding Team are constantly updated regarding external safeguarding concerns by liaising regularly with the local and national PREVENT organisations and ensuring our facilities are appropriately protected and that there is someone to talk to at all times.

Comments from our stakeholders include:

  • Staff and learners genuinely feel safe, ‘college is a safe space’ ‘college is like a family’.
  • Hot topics are remembered, they are meaningful to the learners, and they value them.
  • Clinical coaches and mentors feel supported, educated, and fully equipped to support their learners because of BGT.
  • The service is professional, receptive, friendly, and reliable.

Comments from our recent Matrix Accreditation confirmed that:

  • Quality Assurance is outstanding.
  • Effective and efficient support to all learners and employers
  • The range of resources is wonderful, this included ‘people’……..counselling, liaison teams and ALS
  • An army of professionals that deliver outstanding support and guidance.
  • Authentic wellbeing support, full combination of services available.  Holistic support is outstanding…….we should be proud!
  • Promotional materials and resources are very professional.

The matrix Standard | Business Accreditation Standard

STAFF: J Parry / S Parkhouse / J Dobb / L Cotterill / S Woolliscroft / A Kirk