For every course we offer, apprentices are invited to attend our enrichment days. These are designed to extend the learning beyond their main course of study and introduce them to animals and areas of the animal related industry that they may not see in their day-to-day role in a veterinary practice.

We offer away days to the Yorkshire Wildlife Park where they will learn about the environmental enrichment programme, enclosure design and meet the keepers and education staff who are always happy to answer any questions.

Held at BGT, James McKay from the Animal Roadshow, hosts amongst others, a reptile handling day. Many of the animals he brings will be seen very rarely, if at all, in practice and so may encourage a desire to learn more about the exotic field.

We are constantly looking for new locations and ideas for enhancing the excellent training we already offer, so watch this space !


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Founded in 1982, The Animal Roadshow’s unique service consists of exciting, hands-on educational sessions involving a wide variety of living specimens of different species, all of which are friendly, tame, handleable, and entirely trustworthy. All sessions are delivered by James McKay, a qualified zoologist, professional educator with full DBS clearance.

Photos from our days will be posted in the news section.

The man behind The Animal Roadshow, is zoologist James McKay. With over 30 years of practical teaching experience at all levels, James has been known to thousands as "THE ANIMAL MAN" since the 1970s, thanks to innumerable appearances in schools, and on countless television programmes, including:

Animal Crazy, BBC Radio 1, 2, and 4, BBC TV News, BBC Watchdog, Blue Peter, Calendar, Central News, GMTV, Good Morning Britain, Heart of the Country, How2, It's A Vet's Life, BBC Look North, Midlands Today, Motormouth, News at Ten, Sky News, The Time The Place, The Wide Awake Club, This Morning, Tracks, TVam, Wacaday, What's Up Doc?, Yorkshire Television to mention just a few!

If you or your pupils have seen the "Harry Potter" films, then you will have seen some of James' owls, now stars in their own right.

A regular contributor to countless TV and radio programmes, newspapers and magazines, James is the author of many books on animals and animal-related subjects. A scientific fellow of the Zoological Society of London, James' broadcasting, writing and work in general have established his reputation as an internationally recognised authority on many animal species and animal-related subjects – a true "ANIMAL MAN".

It is James' belief that learning is a multi-sensory activity and should be an enjoyable experience, and James not only knows his subject, but also has the rare talent of being able to communicate the topic with enthusiasm and zeal, to audiences of all ages and levels.